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Marketing Tools

FP Markets provides our partners with marketing and educational tools as well as regular updates to keep partner websites fresh and informative. All our digital assets are updated regularly to reflect our current offers and keep you ahead of the competition.

These marketing tools are easily available within your Affiliate portal, where you can track, manage and grow as one of our digital marketing partners.

Become an Affiliate and earn commissions through your website

As an Affiliate, once you refer new clients through your website, you track their progress and earn a commission once the client has traded. FP Markets provides everything you need to convert your website visitors into traders who are earning you commissions.

Marketing Tools – Variety & Applications

Online marketing material is no longer about direct advertising. Web users want to be educated and informed by marketing materials, they want to be give the information to make informed decisions. FP Markets provides partners with a range of materials to engage new clients and maintain them through the conversion process.

FP Markets provides flash banners and static banners promoting the unique selling points of our trading portal. These are easily added to our partners’ websites and act as signposts to more sophisticated marketing techniques.

Landing Pages
Landing pages are web pages designed so businesses can collect information on potential clients, including name, email address and a contact number. Landing pages usually offer incentives to viewers for providing this information. FP Markets supplies eBooks and other educational resources to our partners as landing page rewards.

eBooks are in-depth, long form articles dedicated to an aspect of an industry or profession, usually divided into chapters. They can be technical, examining the mechanics of trading, or contain thought leadership articles. FP Markets sources eBooks from financial and trading experts and passes them on to partners as marketing resources.

At FP Markets, we pride ourselves on our role as educators in the industry. Our educational services available for partners include webinars, training guides and videos that show how to get the most out of your partnership with us.

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Analytics Platform

Keeping in touch with the latest market trends is easy with FP Markets’ analytics and information portal. Delivered pre-market open every trading day, the Daily Market Report is one of our most popular services. The information portal also gives partners access to trading analyses, tips, daily reports and tutorial webinars.

Content is compiled by the FP Markets Insight team for our trading community. Sign up for a daily report and tune in to our weekly webinar discussing the week ahead, or browse through our articles covering trading tips and market news.

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